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How Do You Buy A Book

As a reader, how do you buy a book?  The cover catches your eye maybe and then you read the title.  If so far so good, you read the teaser or the excerpt like most people do.  If you really want to know if it’s the one, you turn to a random page and look for something to grab your attention.  If nothing is there, you try again.  You really want to read a good book.  Now, if you were the author and you wanted to sell your book you would be wise to get this readers attention and do it quickly.  Lot’s of people just bought new smart phones.  About 75% of young people aged 17-34 have them and they want to do cool things with them such as download an app and watch your book trailer or read your random exciting page from some encrypted QR code.  Any reason to take that awesome new phone out.  You should get wise to this.  It doesn’t matter that you don’t use a smart phone or know how to scan a QR code.  What matters is that the time is right to capitalize on the hot tool people are actually using.     


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QR Codes Of Note dot com


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October 21, 2012 · 12:59 am

What exactly …

What exactly do you do Ms. Rosehips?

Well, since you asked… I publish your edited book to paperback or to eBook form.  I put it on Amazon, or Barnes&Noble, or other markets.  I ask one price for each market we publish your work to.  I market you, and like every publisher on the planet, I expect you to also market yourself which is why I tell you how when you have your work published with Alpha Sutra Press.  I also blog about marketing here.

You say you can just do-it-yourself, the publishing of your work?  Well, I am very pleased for you!  I also offer an anthology book where you can buy marketing with the price of a short story or poem and share your bio and URL to that book you published yourself.  After all, there can never be too much marketing.


Olive Rosehips

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April 23, 2012 · 5:51 pm