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MARKETING: Book Trailers

    Book trailers are a really exciting way to promote a book.  A book trailer is like a movie trailer that Hollywood would use to garner excitement for the block buster movie they’ve been working so hard on.  Book trailers are the modern, high-tech teaser evolution of the inviting paragraphs commonly found on  the backs of paper back books or flaps of a hard covers glossy jacket.  

    The technologically advanced, and probably youthful, nerds at HarperCollins and Amazon began promoting books with video trailers in 2006.  There is no reason that many authors can’t create their own book trailers and load their trailers to YouTube and other distribution channels.  By other distribution channels, I refer to networks which feature book trailer videos online such as AuthorsBroadcast.com.  There are even blogs which feature video trailers.  If you know such blogs, please share them in the comments section.  More on creating book trailers follows.

    You will notice that actors promote their movies on talks shows and you can see commercial promotional trailers even before a movie is released to theaters .  Producers do this “pre-game hype” in order to build enough intrigue that the public “buys” the movie right away, even before it has had a lot of reviews.  Book trailers should also be hyped like this for maximum effectiveness.  The end result of course is book sales.  Combine commonly accessed video platforms like YouTube with social media like FaceBook and twitter and you are onto a brilliant promotional strategy.  Further the hype by using graphic QR codes as part of your marketing and you will probably sell a few books.   Have QRCodesOfNote.com create something graphically intriguing to QR code embedded with your video’s online address and add the QRC  to your phone’s screen saver, your social network pages, and even print them on business cards and distribute accordingly.
    Why use a graphically enhanced QR code?  Because black and white code isn’t that pretty and we all know that beauty sells.  When you use a pretty QR code, the public is more likely to wait the entire 2 seconds it takes to launch your YouTube video.  Once they scan your trailer and watch it, the curiosity is piqued.  Your book trailer can also be shared because it’s on a smart phone and people take their phones everywhere and as you know “read any good books lately?” is as common a conversation topic as the weather.

    Below you will find software that you can utilize to create your upcoming book trailer.  You don’t have to wait until your book is finished, start the pre-sale hype when you are nearing the release of your work in order to get your target audience ready to snatch it up right away.  You can keep your trailer simple and it won’t interrupt your writing schedule too much.  Book trailers, YouTube and QR codes are a winning recipe.
Windows Movie Maker

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