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Book Signing Tour…


a book signing event featuring the book “True You” by Janet Jackson which chronicles Ms. Jackson’s esteem journey with the support of NutriSystem celebrity chef Andre Carthen and fitness trainer Tony Martinez.  Image Source

Once upon a time, not long ago, when many authors were at the mercy of large publishing houses, a paid service the publisher provided was scheduled book signings at big book stores.  If you will recall, Barnes & Noble is the only large book store standing so does that mean authors can give up on the notion of having the publicity of a book signing to drive sales and awareness of her/his book?  No, not necessarily; book signings are evolving just as the other aspects of the book industry.  

Independent book stores remain standing and can also host book signings and author events just as any big book store could.  They may need a nudge from a savvy indie author who recognizes that an indie book seller and and indie author both want book sales.  The extra traffic from an author’s book signing is a mutually winning proposition.  You are your own publisher so scheduling book signings is a part your job and how exciting that you keep more of your profits.  *Assistance is available.


How to land a book signing event at an independent book store?  Not necessarily in this order but certainly first let the bookseller first know what is in it for him:

  • Increased traffic to the bookstore: a book signing will bring in more customers.
  • Publicity for the bookstore:  Can you list an event announcement in your local newspaper?  You can announce this online at blogs and social networks.  The book store can also generate publicity in their social networks, newsletters, blogs.

 For your book signing event:

  • Create simple displays which a bookseller can place at their book store announcing your book signing event.
    • Include reviews or blurbs about your book
    • Include *branded QR codes that link your book to a teaser, excerpt and purchase information.   
    • Include purchase link outside of QR code
    • Call the book store and ask to speak to the manager about a book signing. 
      • Tell that you are a local author.  
      • Provide your ISBN number
      • If you are denied by this book seller, this manager is new to the idea perhaps, simply call again in a few months.  It is very likely that in that time the store will be more open to the idea
    • When you meet with book seller, bring your display or send your information in an email format which allows the book seller to print and display.

Book signing day:

  • You will need copies of your book if the book seller does not have any on hand, and easel and large, good looking poster featuring your book*
  • Print Business card size or book mark size information to include with your display or at the register which features branded QR coded teasers or excerpts and any links featuring reviews or “about me” information
  • On book signing day you will need to plan for about 2 hours, a place to sit, books, pen,  water. 


*QR Codes of Note™ is a multimedia solution source which develops branded QR code oriented pamphlets, fliers, book marks and various marketing products as well as creates mobile sites, facebook banners, and IT solutions.  QRCodesOfNote.com

Good luck with your book signing!  Please feel free to post comments or questions.





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