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info@QRCodesOfNote.com  or 719-428-5451 or QRCodesOfNote.com

Congratulations, you have just released your new book or new music! Well done! This is an exciting time for you. You have just finished all that hard work and you want to get the word out about your project.  We are also published authors and we know where you are. A method for promotion we have used successfully is to print out business card sized promotional material with a *QR code of you, your book or album cover or your company logo.  


We make these designs available for you to purchase when you are ready and as often as you like. We have had wonderful success with the chubby sized cards on Zazzle because of their diameter.  They are a small card but larger than a standard business card.  We will make you a graphic on other promotional products such as t-shirts, mini-speakers and phone covers.  These little cards are easily distributed as your calling card and can link to your Amazon teaser, your music link, you name it.  Someone scans with their phone app or tablet and instantly previews your work! Awesome, right? We think so, too.

We use only existing, copyright free artwork for these designs so please have your image ready and contact us at:

info@QRCodesOfNote.com  or 719-428-5451 or QRCodesOfNote.com

Here are some of our designs, download free scan app: i-nigma to preview QR code’s activation.

*A QR code works the same way the scanner in the grocery store works and ours launches phones or tablets to your book or music preview. We can also make book trailer presentations for your master piece which we load to YouTube for you and add a link to your purchase site.  Send us any questions or call us today.

Questions or comments are welcome below

To your great success!



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A brief history of publishing…

See the submissions tab or send questions to: Olive.Rosehips@yahoo.com

In the beginning of book publication history, many famous books got their start when they were published by their authors.  Self-publishing is an early American industry as the person who had the printing press was usually the author, publisher, printer and book shop owner.

From the very beginning of the printing process (the year 1455), book publication was set up to  benefit the publishers pocketbook first and foremost.  Publishing with a larger publisher remains that way today and publishers get paid, and from writers, whether the writer gets paid or not.  Large publishers have enjoyed a long reign where they called the shots and what publishers chiefly did for writers was put their books out into books stores.  One glance around and you will see that the only large book store standing today is Barnes and Noble.  There are also only 6 major publishing houses remaining.  Times, they are a changing.  Writers are getting wise and exercising more control over their work and keeping more of the profits.  No more selling out to a large publisher with their lengthy delays and epic expenses.

That is where Alpha Sutra Press comes onto the scene.  Alpha Sutra Press does “self-publishing” for writers who haven’t a clue how-to and frankly are more interested in getting their work published than learning the process.  Alpha Sutra Press, a small, independent publisher, and can get your finished ebook to Barnes and Noble book sellers just like a large publisher does and in less time.  We can also put your ebook on Amazon and Kindle devices as well as other large book markets.  We literally do the “self-publishing” for you.  We do it without high-jacking your copyright exclusivity,  we assign you an ISBN number, and we even participate in the marketing your book, along side of you, and creatively throughout the internet, on social media, and blogs written around the globe.  Yes, we can also put your work in paper back.

See submissions tab or address questions to: Olive.Rosehips@yahoo.com

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