Feature Submissions

Send questions to: info@QRCodesOfNote.com

Alpha Sutra Press Submission Guidelines
We enjoy interviewing our followers and featuring a teaser of their newly released masterpieces.  We request a brief bio, a paragraph with links and any contact information you would like to share with the public.  All works submitted must be your original creation, completed in entirety and legally available for publication.  Providing that the work is of a sufficient standard and fitting within our acceptable genres, we may offer to interview you and showcase your body of work.

Enclose a short cover letter describing your project.
Tell us in this order:

  • your name and/or pseudonym
  • telephone number and email address
  •  title of your work
  • your target reader, genre
  • Word count and page count

Send at least two sample chapters

  • Make sure these chapters are double spaced, chapters must begin on a new page
  • Do not send your entire manuscript unless we request for you to do so

We only accept submission via email: info@QRCodesOfNote.com

  • Please use “creative project submission” in the subject line
  • Submit PDF formatted documents


  • Read our website tabs before emailing questions as the FAQ may already cover your question or concern
  • We are always looking for poetry and short stories for our marketing anthology books where we market you for the price of an existing poem or short story, you get to provide a bio and URL’s
  • Send an example of your work as opposed to asking us to look over your entire website or watch your videos
  • You write songs?  We consider them as poetry or prose and publish such works
  • Make your letter to the point and practical
  • Poetry should be presented in the format as you wish it to appear, perhaps left justified  or centered
  • We do not publish pornography nor manuscripts based primarily upon instructing or encouraging the infliction of cruelties

Send submissions or questions to: info@QRCodesOfNote.com


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