Contact: Olive.Rosehips@Yahoo.com

Since 2009, it has become a successful movement for renown authors and new authors alike to enter the ebook market and release their books directly to the public without utilizing the large publishing houses.   Many writers would like to participate in this exciting trend and do not know how.  That is why Alpha Sutra Press was born.  Alpha Sutra Press is the exciting concept of Olive Rosehips  (Rhonda Gould) and the primary goal of Alpha Sutra Press is to publish  writers who are unable to “self publish” for themselves.

About Ms. Rosehips…

Rhonda M. Gould, who writes under the nom de plume of Olive Rosehips, was convinced she was completely invisible until the age of 10 when a teacher said “Class, I want you to listen to this story, it is an example of what good writing sounds like…”.   An art teacher could see her, too, and she said just enough that Rhonda knew she was not, in fact, invisible, people could actually see her when she used her creative gifts.
Did she write or draw as a career?  Not at first.  She went into technology and learned computer programming, then web design, then graphic design, then volunteered and discovered a love of service.
“Do what you love…” a phrase that Ms. Gould could not make sense of eventually came together and Alpha Sutra Press was born.  Computers, art design, service to mankind, writing.

Writers have yearned to be published but don’t know how to realize their dreams.  Ms. Gould helps bring writers dreams to life by offering the services of publishing, cover design, editing, and ghost writing to enable fellow writers to realize their dreams through Alpha Sutra Press and its talented team of professionals.

Ms. Gould writes under the nom de plume of Olive Rosehips

Contact: Olive.Rosehips@Yahoo.com



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