Self-Publishing Hall of Fame



Self-Publishing Hall of Fame is the name of a book by author John Kremer Image Source . Kremer list hundreds of famous self published authors of best-sellers.  The list includes new and old pen men such as Stephen King, Edgar Allen Poe, Mark Twain, and William Strunk Jr., an English professor who privately published The Elements of Style in 1918 and remains widely published today.

If you are considering the possibility of self-publishing, you can see that you are in fine company.  Self-publishing is a hot movement whose time has come.  There are still wrinkles in the seams but while these get ironed out in regards to marketing books, one tool we find helpful is calling card sized products or even book mark dimensions with clever, graphic QR codes linking a teaser or a book trailer to your Amazon Kindle purchase site.

QR Codes of Note™   110760472056192671_cWRhCTUf_f

a graphic design group, produces these little keys to your book marketing and loads them to online sites such as Zazzle, Cafe Press or Vista Print for authors to gather at their convenience in quantities and on promotional products that suit their needs.

Traded like traditional calling cards, these tools are an interesting way to introduce the public to your book.  You can place these in card holders in public with permission from shop owners, restaurants, hotel lobbies. Or do you have an idea for yours? We would love to hear how you would use these marketing tools.  You can get one by emailing or using our contact space below.



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