Journey of a Best Selling Author


Iyanla Vanzant is currently a best selling author and spiritual teacher. Ms. Vanzant has her own tv show Iyanla Fix My Life and she frequently appears on the Oprah Winfrey Show.  Before any of these success were a reality for Iyanla Vanzant she was a writer and an aspiring published author. Iyanla began her journey selling Xeroxed copies of compilations she had written from the trunk of her car.  The trunk of her car!  Look where she is today.  Lucky for us we have the ability to self publish online at little to no cost.  Even the most successful authors do that today (See Stephen King and J.K.Rowling).  A publishing house traditionally began as the place where the printing press resided.  The publisher took a chance printing a book, this was a very expensive process back in the day. The publisher made demands upon the writer for investments and actions that ensured the book would be publically known.  The writer needed the publisher, the publisher had contacts and a printing press.  Image Source.

 Fast forward to the year 2013, we have eReaders such as Kindle, we have publishers with contacts such as  As aspiring best selling authors or even musicians wanting to go mainstream, our dreams are not as dependent on third parties and their requests for large investments to participate in our dreams.  We still have to promote our products and invite purchase but it is a little easier with the help of QR codes on a promotional product.  Smart phones and tablets are everywhere in public, they can instantly play your music, a slide show of your book, a teaser and these promotion cards can make it easy to distribute your creative work for sales and introductions.  Leave a few of our “business cards” at key locations, pass them out to friends and family, share these “calling cards” when you meet any one.  Have us make postcards for you and mail them to relevant contacts to instantly preview your work.

 What are we talking here in terms of capital?  After all, you are a struggling artist perhaps or you want to pursue marketing gradually.  The products we make for clients, these range in price from averages of $20-$40 for 100 business cards set up with art work and links to your online products.  At this price you are receiving a finished product as well as paying for the graphic design work of a marketing professional.  You aren’t limited to or committed to one line of product, we can set up the same graphics on many promotional products such as phone case covers, t-shirts, magnets, mugs, and whatever else catches you attention.  In fact, we make the design and load it online, you pick it up when you are ready.  We have had some clients take up to a year to purchase their design, it was still available.  Here are a few links for you to visit to see examples: Music Man, Artist, author.  Our designs are eye-catching QR codes that practically insist on being scanned.  Not only good looking, these online embeds can contain your launch scanners to your book teaser and download, a slide show and purchase link loaded on YouTube.  We have all sorts of excellent marketing strategies for the creative promotion needs.  Our Zazzle store is Olive_Rosehips, however to contact us for design work, our email address is  You can see some of our QR Code design work at Pinterest.

 We are currently seeking a few new authors to showcase on our blog.  We would like to create a product and interview with aspiring talents in the music, writing or other creative profession.  If interested or you would like to nominate someone, please email us at

 Write on!

Olive Rosehips is the nom de plume of author and designer, Rhonda Gould Smolarek.  Rhonda is the owner of QR Codes Of Note™, a graphic artist with a technology background.  Marketing by way of Social Media and Mobile products are a specialty.  Ms. Smolarek is a public speaker on Social Media marketing and booking appointments to coach your group on leveraging LinkedIn.


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