Graphic, artistic, QR codes with swag can turn any surface into a bookstore.  The last several years has seen authors like Stephen King, JK Rowling, James Patterson turn to eBook publishing and even self publishing to eBooks like Kindles and Nooks.  With the exception of Barnes & Noble, big book sellers have closed their doors forever over the impact of this technology and self-publishing.   

You have probably been hearing about the release of new versions of smart phones these past weeks.  Those phones connect to the internet of course and can download apps of all kinds.  They download QR scanner apps, too.

Let us connect the dots here: new phones, books can be downloaded, kindle app on phones.  Technology in the palm of your hands and millions of others. Now add QR codes but think big: Graphic QR codes! Not those slow, free, B&W ones that are so early 2000’s and in a show of the anti-climactic went directly to URL’s.  

You are a writer, you can certainly write a teaser.  Have that teaser, a sale or special offer embedded in a graphic QR code that links to your download and suddenly you have turned any surface into a bookstore.  You have enough imagination to know that what I am telling you will increase your readers and your book sales.  Don’t play small, aim out of the ball park with the technology that is within your reach.  QRCodesOfNote.com can create an incredible QR code for you to put on a book mark or a business card and make your own instant bookstore and sell a book from any surface.  

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