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Graphic, artistic, QR codes with swag can turn any surface into a bookstore.  The last several years has seen authors like Stephen King, JK Rowling, James Patterson turn to eBook publishing and even self publishing to eBooks like Kindles and Nooks.  With the exception of Barnes & Noble, big book sellers have closed their doors forever over the impact of this technology and self-publishing.   

You have probably been hearing about the release of new versions of smart phones these past weeks.  Those phones connect to the internet of course and can download apps of all kinds.  They download QR scanner apps, too.

Let us connect the dots here: new phones, books can be downloaded, kindle app on phones.  Technology in the palm of your hands and millions of others. Now add QR codes but think big: Graphic QR codes! Not those slow, free, B&W ones that are so early 2000’s and in a show of the anti-climactic went directly to URL’s.  

You are a writer, you can certainly write a teaser.  Have that teaser, a sale or special offer embedded in a graphic QR code that links to your download and suddenly you have turned any surface into a bookstore.  You have enough imagination to know that what I am telling you will increase your readers and your book sales.  Don’t play small, aim out of the ball park with the technology that is within your reach. can create an incredible QR code for you to put on a book mark or a business card and make your own instant bookstore and sell a book from any surface.  

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Friends on facebook tell me that they love the convenience of electronic books so much that they are actually reading more books than ever.  Reading and rejecting more, too!  With so many varieties out there to choose from, and the borrowing of books electronically made so easy and cost effective, people are not hesitating to pick up on lesser known authors.  Want proof?  Just last month, according to The,  four self-published authors were on the New York Times ebook best seller list.  Yes, “The Times” has an ebook best seller category and Colleen Hoover’s book “Slammed” was in eighth place, therefore ahead of none other than the successful, big publishing house author James Patterson who also has an ebook on the New York Times ebook best seller list.

Isn’t that exciting?  I believe it should excite each and every one of you self-publishers as it does excite me who is also in the same category.

As an aside, today I waited 30 minutes at the bank for service.  Last week I waited in a dentist office.  There was a wait for my oil change as well as for Sunday brunch.  All this waiting got me busy thinking, and I thought that it sure would be nice to read a book and so I whipped out my iPhone, because that is where I keep my Kindle (an app) cleverly disguised, and I read some more of my delicious book with each wait.

 What all of this excitement has to do with waiting is this:  When I waited in line at each of these public places I noticed each had a table full of free reading material.  With that in mind, I say you can put a little teaser or excerpt from one of your books in some of these waiting rooms in the form of graphic, quick scanning QR codes.  Try adding graphically enhanced QR codes onto a book mark sized print out or even to a business card sized format.  You can certainly use an ugly, slow to scan but free QR code generator found online to produce your QR teaser or you can go with a professional graphic designer  like the ones at and get the benefits of a faster scan, more compelling graphics with analytical and or changeable data.  Either way, QR codes are a great way to promote your readership.

If this article fills you with questions, contact the experienced pro’s at and have a 15 minute, no obligation chat about book mark teasers or how they can assist you with graphic QR codes and readers.

Your questions and comments are welcome here as well.  Leave one today!  In the meantime, check out some of the QR code examples shown here (designed by random artists).









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