Here below is an example of a QR code designed by that is a high resolution, scalable file delivered by email to be used on business cards such as the Avery product which come with a down loadable template for those do-it-your-selfers who know their way around a printer.  Others could have this file printed on business cards at their local FedEx-Kinko’s who also offer free delivery and this file could be sent to them as an email attachment.

In any case, this scandalous and inviting QR code links directly to the Amazon Kindle download purchase site of the book and incorporates features from the book’s cover.  A good thing to do with these cards is to pass them out like calling cards because they are indeed the calling card of an author.   We could include, in print, the authors link for those that don’t have a smart phone but as we all know, more and more often these people are dinosaurs, relics, and just a major holiday or phone plan expiration away from getting a smart phone.  When they do, I am sure they will download the Red Laser scanner app and check out this striking QR code.  You should, too.





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