QR Codes of Note


Recently, I launched a new unit of creativity.  I have a wonderful creative staff of nerds and we develop artistic QR codes with information embedded to promote products, services, events, etc.  You will notice, if you look a little closely, that the black and white QR codes are appearing in magazine ads and coupon mailers.  I like to put them on my website as well.  They are a tad boring in black and white though, and consumers may just pass them by.  Add some color, brand, tilt them, curve them and you raise an eyebrow… people want to pull out their favorite modern decoder rings, aka, their Smart phones and do the cool thing by being nosey, -er high-tech curious, and see just what your code says.

What? You don’t have any QR code on your book or in your marketing or on your website?  Um.  You need to fix that, pronto.  It is not costly, it is “green” and it is hip.  Get one, print it on a sticker and place on a flat surface.






May 16, 2012 · 8:20 pm

2 responses to “QR Codes of Note

  1. If you could message me with some hints about how you made this blog look this cool , Id be appreciative!

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