How to Market Your Book

There is no one good way to market a book.  There are countless resources available on-line and in print which offer ways to get the word out about your volume.  I will give you a free marketing idea that I have had personal success with and I encourage you to give this a try.

People in sales will tell you that the best way to get a product sold is to put in directly in the hands of the public.  I will tell you that one sure fire way to get your book in the hands of the public is to embed QR code with your first chapter or first several pages.  Include a link to where to purchase the rest of the book.  Print your QR code matrix on a book mark and give that book mark to every one you see using a Smart phone.  Add a call to action such as “What Lola wants…” or “Meet Shorty”.  I personally would include some classy or beguiling artwork such as the art at the bottom. 

Now you have one more way to market your book.  Look at some of my examples of where I did just that with QR codes.  I leave these in public places.  On bulletin boards.  I treat them just like they are business cards and you should, too.

Good luck with your marketing campaign.  Contact me if you would like such QR code for your book:  QR Codes of Note dot com.






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