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I am a published author and I have a lot of author friends whom I follow on facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and twitter.  I am also trained analyst and I give scrutiny to every curiosity.  I observe what people do, I ask questions and I monitor results.  I publish anthologies. Stay with me.  With all of that nerdy monologue I just presented I wanted to ask this:

Why in the world don’t authors, writers and poets who blog or otherwise share their works online include contact information?

I seek out talented new voices for publication and I get quite excited when I have read a blog piece that grabs me by the lapels.  Then I look and look and, yawn, look for how to contact this wordsmith and I must say that the majority of them do not include an email address.  The reason they publicly share their talent is for some sort of recognition, introduction, appreciation or other acknowledgement.  Are you one of these persons?  You need to help yourself and help interested entities by including some sort of contact information.  The benefit is that your scribbles may be invited for inclusion into another project which could continue or launch your success.

There are plenty of easy ways to share your contact information without complete invasion of your privacy.  One could create an email address on Google or Yahoo.  Google even has a free phone number service called Google voice.  You could add yourself to Gravatar where you can offer up all of your online presences.  I really don’t have a preference for how you do it, but let me assure you that in order to be “discovered” you need to be “discoverable”.  Go to it.





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  1. Oddly, that’s not only a problem with bloggers. Sometimes you can spend waaay too much time on a website looking for contact info, a street address, or –gasp!– a phone number.

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