FIND YOUR SUCCESS CODE, BORN TO WINWhat is a great way to increase your books sales?  QR code (QRC).  Use QR code embedded with an excerpt or a teaser along with a link to your book purchase URL, this is the fun/cool way to flip through your book.  People buy fancy cell phones and want to use their toys every chance they get.  Smart phones as well as Blackberry’s, almost any phone with a camera can have a QR code scanner app downloaded (I will share more on which phones can read QR next post).  Put the embedded QR code onto a sticker and add the sticker to your existing book.  Include a QRC in your cover, be it back or front.  Say something enticing like “meet Shorty…”

Zig Ziglar used QRC upfront and bold on his cover and this man is a decades long champion of success, an authority on how it is done and he is using QR codes.  While you certainly can incorporate a standard black and white QR code into your marketing plans, you surely are not limited to “standard”.  In the right hands, QRC can be colored, contorted, and/or imbued with your brand.  We all want covers that reach out to the reader and keep them wanting more.

Of course I just happen to know a great QR code designer. Myself.  As a multimedia graphic design artist, I am no stranger to the facets of publication, marketing and multimedia design.  This blog is dedicated to the success of writers/authors far and near and I share with you the current  strategies that bring you closer to readers.  QR code puts you right into cell phones, pockets… you can not get much closer than that.  Once in a cell phone, your book is easily shared with a friend.  Visit my gallery at QRCodesOfNote.com, we can do something for your title.

Look at these QRC’s to get an idea of what I mean:

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