What to know about eBook publishers

The very important thing you should know about E-Publishing services is that they are not exactly “publishers”.  You’re thinking: uh, what?  Publishing wears different outfits these days, so try to think of e-publishing as working with book makers who distribute to retailers.

The changes to the publishing dynamics can be a very good thing because while e-publishers can bring your book to life and available to the public, e-publishers will not require you to wait on their time lines, approvals, revisions.  Nor will they assign you a large bill for marketing and distribution services which they cannot guarantee outcomes for.

So what DO e-publishers do for you?  The offerings vary but a few of the consistent services offered are these:

  • E-publishers allow you to keep the rights to your book: they don’t own your soul or your book decisions which are pricing, cover, revisions, etc.
  • They provide you with an ISBN number.  Great right?  It is registered, official and search-able.
  • Your edited work is formatted into a book, eBook or other.  You start off with a stack of pages that you filled and then suddenly you have a book.
  • Distribution of your e-published book to a retailer takes place for little or no cost.  Your work is made available for purchase on-line.
  • The bonus of having Alpha Sutra Press doing the self-publishing or e-publishing for you, you don’t need to have much technical expertise.

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