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Authors must do their own marketing.  Period.  That is the plain truth of the publishing industry – that applies to publishing deal books and self-published books alike.  Did you get that?  That is why participating in the Pen 10 Scribes Anthologies with Alpha Sutra Press is such a good idea.  You pay for book marketing with the finished written work of short stories, poetry, or prose.  You get to include links to your finished projects in your brief biography.  This is especially great if you already have published a book.  Alpha Sutra Press markets the anthology which includes your links to your purchasable works.  The Pen 10 Scribes group chooses from submissions of short stories and poems, compiles a collection of excellent writers from multiple fiction genres, then publishes a genuine, dead tree book.  The published book is then marketed globally.  Writers want readers, therefore all marketing is good.

  • You can submit work that currently exists online.  Send a link of something you wrote for us to peruse if you would like to be considered for anthology participation.
  • We market on Twitter, facebook, blogs, email and on a creative networking platform.  Our Anthologies are printed book publications but they are also available as ebooks online at a .99 price point.  The brilliant value encourages downloads of the collection of up and coming authors (authors have provided links that market you).
  • Our anthologies are purposely designed to support our authors.  Not only do we market you in our book, we also encourage readers to visit your links and the anthology facebook page.  We also interview select authors and make the interviews available online and invite reader comments.
  • We have multiple books available.  What that means to the writer is multiple opportunities to be read.  When readers enjoy your work, they seek out more.
  • Alpha Sutra arranges joint project collaborations.  Alpha Sutra Press specializes in collaborations of one short story author and one poet between the covers of one book.  We believe in concise fiction as the wave of the future.

Send submissions or questions to:


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