About Anthologies…

    Recently I read the works of a ton of up and coming poets and authors.  When I found good ones, I offered to publish and market them at the price of a story or poem.  Most knew a great offer when they saw one and got on board with my anthology project.  Their submissions were works they had already completed.  A poet quietly declined and I politely asked her why because I want to offer the best service on the planet, of course.  I’ll point out that my anthology invitation did not require writers to make any purchases (they did not receive any payment either).  The declining writer did so because she was accustomed to receiving a “free book” from publishers and with an air of dignity, added “I am not accustomed to paying for my own writing”.

I researched the anthology she participated in and others and indeed writers did receive a “free book”.  That is after they purchased 5 books.  Um.  These writers paid for their “free book” with the publisher profits from their purchase of 4 books.  Now I gently point this out and add that I never ask writers to buy 5 books to be included in my anthology.  I only asked them to write well.  In fact, I don’t accept just any writer’s work no matter how many books they might purchase, I don’t run a “vanity press”.  I operate out of the intent to publish the finer things in life.  Bam.

Why do this?  Because when writers get readers – books sell.  I sell books!  I also have a penchant for service to mankind.  Always seeking new writers.  Accepting submissions at Olive.Rosehips@Yahoo.com.  In addition to anthologies, I publish independent authors as well as joint projects combining novelists and poets.  See my Writer Services page.




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